Custom Handcrafted knives are handmade by Strassburger family Since 1860. A Hand Made knife is a Personalized Knife, a fine piece of jewel. A fine valuable collectors item Collectors knives. The best gift for a Knife Collectors. All custom hand crafted knives are entirely hand made and hand crafted strictly under traditional techniques of German colonial style and the fine art from 18th century. The knives are forged and tempered with high technology, using only natural processes. STRASSBURGER knives are made of the best High Carbon Steel imported from Germany. Hard Buffalo Horn, Bone and Extremely hard wood are the materials used to do the fine handcrafted handles. The handles are artistically handmade using only natural materials carefully selected and processed. Personalization with the customer's name engraving on the blade.

Enter to the hand made Strassburger Schmied Handwerk
Strassburger Messerschmied.

Fine Strassburger Handcrafted Knives. Quality knife. High Carbon forged and tempered. Gift Knives. A valuable Cutlery Personalized Gift. Fine Gift Strassburger Knife. Schmied Handwerk Messer. Schlachtmesser. Küchenmesser. Haus Messer. German Colonial Style Knives. German Ancient Knife Model. Collectors knives. Antique Knives. Knife and Blade. High Carbon Steel. Stainless Steel Blades. Stainless Steel Knives. Collection item. Collectors Cutlery.
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Messer handwerk. Strassburger Schlachtmesser. Strassburger Küchenmesser. Strassburger messer. Rost Frei. Rostfrei messer. Rostfrei. 
Collectors Knife. Old and ancient German style and design.
This high quality steel holds a long time tremendous edge and can easily be re-sharpened.
Fire-pot forge, two-horned anvil and hammer are the basic tools used for the forging and treatment of the blades. Only a small amount of modern hand tools are used.
Forging and tempering is done under ancient techniques, brought from Germany by the pioneer immigrants coming to South Brazil. Some very special tempering techniques and knowledge are keeping under the Strassburger Family since 1860 and are transmitted generation to generation of knives makers.
Edel Stahl, Rost frei messer, Rostfrei Messer, inox are the materials of knife making. Strassburger Knife Makers, tradition and quality. The Victorinox Swiss Army Knives are also Customizes and Hand crafted, with custom handles of hardwood, exotic wood.

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Bowie Knife, Mini Bowie, Big Bowie Knife and all purpose knives. Hunting, Big Hunting are also knife models carefully made-at-order.
  Is a Collectible knife, and a valuable GIFT. Knives as a Collectors item is a MUST! And for the knife collector, the best gift.HAND MADE or HANDMADE knives? The quality is the same. HANDCRAFTED or HAND CRAFTED Knife? Idem, idem...
Only the best High Carbon Steel, imported from Germany is used. It is the same steel standard that always was used to manufacture barber razors. Leather Sheaths.....
Each knife will be delivered with a beautiful custom leather sheath.
The sheaths are entirely handmade and hand sewn. Are made from selected cowhide, tanned with proper natural vegetables, given the real appearance of wild strong leather, for the best knife. Has a very high quality and resistance, with its natural brown color. The proper and little irregularities of leather are keeping in order to maintain its characteristics. No chemical products or synthetic materials are used. For good knives, the best sheath! Messer Handwerk. Bowie Knife, Mini Bowie, Big Bowie Knife and all purpose knives. Hunting, Big Hunting are the knife models made by Strassburger Schmied Handwerk, Messerschmied Meister. Boy scouting knives are also made under gift order. The Boy Scout dream!

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Handcrafted High Quality Custom Personalized Knives.
Fine made-to-order knives. Blades forged in high quality steel and handles artistically handcrafted in noble materials, buffalo bone, horn and rare exotic hardwood. Custom personalization with blade engraving. A gift must!
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